Tots 2 Seniors is an amazing class. Putting these gapped generations together is an amazing way for the younger children to grow and the elderly to feel younger again! Elisa is an amazing mommy and me teacher. I have come with both my children to her and continue to send her over more families. This class is a can’t miss!

Rochel F.

I can’t believe how much fun this program is. What a great idea, having my young grandson interacting with the seniors. Each population gets so much from the other, and the program activities are always so much fun too. We always leave with a smile on our faces. We can’t wait for the next time! Thanks Elisa!

Tali K.

The Tots 2 Seniors class is unlike any other mommy and me class around Los Angeles. It gives Noah the opportunity to interact with other children and with Seniors in the same environment. Elisa is an amazing teacher who leads a structured class full of enthusiasm and learning.  Noah loves marching with the flags, singing the alligator song and popping the bubbles! It brings me joy to see the Seniors smile, laugh and dance with him. Most importantly, Noah is learning that he can enjoy life with people of all ages!

Lindsay S.

“Joy changes the brain”, a quote from a friend and mentor, has been a guiding principle for me in seeking out learning opportunities to engage in with my three-year-old daughter.

Tots 2 Seniors changes the brains of so many – across three generations – thanks to the warmth and talents of its master teacher Elisa Schoenfeld.

The parents, or accompanying adults, kvell from watching the little ones learn the words to songs, play peacefully with children their age, and become Elisa’s assistants as they distribute flags and props to the Seniors.

The Seniors’ faces light up as they watch the little ones playing and singing. Some Seniors are naturally comfortable and interactive with the youngest generation; others begin more reserved, and inevitably blossom as they witness the abundance of cuteness that enters their living room once a week.

Orley G.

Tots 2 Seniors has provided my son a truly amazing experience, unlike any other mommy and me class I’ve taken. It was special to watch him interact with the seniors – he gained a sense of compassion and learned to be gentle and calm when he needed to be with some of the residents. It was so sweet to see the bond that developed between the toddlers and seniors!

Emily K.